Summary of AGM 2015

1) EMASS 2016 Symposium will be hosted by David Etheridge and Kate Mees at Bristol University.

2) Further research will be conducted into the possibility of publishing the 2015 symposium proceedings. Oxbow books will be contacted. Presenters must seriously consider whether they would like to have their work published at such an early stage of their academic careers.

3) EMASS to become a Society and not just a Symposium. Research into the establishment of a formal society will be lead by Abi Tompkins (EMASS 2015) and Dave Etheridge (EMASS 2016). The society will provide a platform for discussion and the dissemination of material year round. It will assist the application for funding for the symposium. And, it will secure the permanence of the Symposium/Society. Thus, at the AGM, a President will be elected and not a Conference Organiser. The President will assemble a committee for that year.

Their role will be to maintain the website/social media websites, update the mailinglist, inform members of relevant events/lectures/exhibitions/news etc, and organise the annual conference. At this point, there is no plan to instigate a membership fee. All members of the current mailing list will be offered membership automatically.

4) As part of the establishment of a Society, the charitable status of EMASS will be explored. If possible, a charitable bank account will be set up to ensure the smooth transition of funds between each committee.

5) The international scope of the Symposium/Society is to be encouraged by engaging more with Late Antique and Byzantine students. To this end, the mailinglist must be broadened, the call for papers must be circulated internationally and in multiple languages, and the Euro centric description of EMASS must be replaced to include the wider Mediterranean.

6) Any finances above £1000 handed to the incoming committee MUST be used towards student bursaries to attend the Symposium.